Feel better, so you can
love your kids better

Christian parents with kids ages 0-7, is parenting tearing you down? Join our community for support, and learn how to process through painful emotions to get back to a place of love.


Learn a new way to manage your emotions

By default, we spend much of our life avoiding our emotions. You will learn how to respond to yourself from a place of non-judgmental curiosity and compassion so you can get yourself unstuck.


Resolve past hurts

Especially when we are young we experience significant hurts but do not have the ability to process the pain. We carry these memories with us like wounds that have been hidden away. Resolving these in a healthy way frees you from the pain of those experiences.


Experience True Love And Acceptance

The God of the Bible knows your deepest secrets, yet he still wants to have you near him. Knowing what it means to trust God and to be loved by God changes your life now and forever.


three steps to success

I Will Help You Every Step Of The Way


1. Schedule a call with me so I can hear what’s going on for you and you can get to know how I work.

2. Join the community for support and to support others if you want to. We’re in this together.

3. Commit your self-care work to the Lord, asking Him to use it to help you love your children well.

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get Assistance for any circumstance with your child

Sometimes day-to-day struggles wear us down and we could use some help. Sometimes we’ve treated our kids in a way that we feel ashamed of. There is no struggle or sin that is too big to be met with kindness from the Lord, or too big for my non-judgmental, curious, and compassionate approach.

I am here for you

finding a good way forward