Looking for relief from emotional pain?

I help Christian parents with children aged 0-7 get through their painful emotions and find a sense of relief, comfort, and peace. Once the painful emotion is processed through, parents feel more free and feel more in control of their choices.

I use an Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS) approach, and I teach easy-to-use relational skills that answer the questions “How can I love my children better when it is so hard?” and “How can I lovingly handle my child being mean to me?”

Beyond helping you through your painful emotions, this process will teach you how to manage your emotions on your own with less of a need for a counselor or therapist.

Some of the things that you will learn:

    • How each of your emotions has a positive intention, although they may not be expressed in a way that brings positive results.
    • How to bring non-judgmental love and compassion to your anger, anxiety, sadness, or guilt so you can feel better.
    • How to interact with other people in that same way, from a place of non-judgmental curiosity and compassion.

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