We are all related

Recently, one of my friends shared a motto with me: “We are all related.” I love that, & here’s why:

Most countries have a majority culture and many non-majority cultures. And the majority culture in one location is the minority culture in many other locations. The challenge for each majority culture is to accept and love and value the minority cultures that live with them.

This is difficult for this human race because we identify with our own culture, and we like to classify things as “us” and “not us”. But really, if “we’re all related” then is there really a “not us” even when our cultures have significant differences?

Loving and accepting people and ideas that are different than our culture’s is an activity of love. Even though our country’s history has a severely unfortunate track record of this, why not turn that on its head and start consciously choosing to befriend, learn about, love and appreciate the many minority cultures in our country?

In the Christian Old Testament, Malachi 2 says: 

Are we not all children of the same Father? Are we not all created by the same God? -Malachi 2:10 NLT