We are all related

We are all related

This morning one of my friends shared with me a motto: “We are all related.” This is one of the most beautiful mottos I have ever heard. & this is where I land:

We live in a multi-cultural world where each location has a majority culture and many non-majority cultures. And the majority culture in one location is the minority culture in many other locations. The challenge is for each culture, regardless of majority or minority status in a particular location, to accept and love and value the other cultures.

This is difficult for this human race because we identify with our own culture, and we like to classify things as “us” and “not us”. But since we are all related, all of us in all cultures are “all of us”. I hope that each of us hears the call to emigrate into a multi-cultural culture where new ideas are the norm, where we invite in the differences of every culture and yet retain our own unique and valuable sub-cultural identity.

Loving and accepting people and ideas that are strange to us is an activity of Self, curiosity, and an acceptance of how a person or a group of people present. It seems wonderful to me to be a part of both the Jesus-following and the Internal Family Systems Therapy worlds, which when they are followed by their core principles, draw us toward acceptance, love and kindness and away from a judgmental attitude and hate.

When we love each culture, then when one culture is in distress, all cultures are in distress for that culture.

“We are all related.” This is one of the most beautiful mottos I have ever heard.

Are we not all children of the same Father? Are we not all created by the same God? -Malachi 2:10 NLT